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Mischel Kwon and Assocates LLC (MKA) provides cybersecurity strategy and services to the critical infrastructure, defense and intelligence sectors, business and government agencies through our Security Governance Programs that incorporate Continuous Monitoring capabilities and Security Operations. MKA’s highly trained cyber technologists take a holistic approach to operations and security, by focusing on both compliance and defense, to guard and defend network and data through integration of people, process, and technology. We work with executives and boards of directors as well as the operations and technology practitioners to ensure a balanced, thoughtful approach to security. Our concentration on security architecture, cyber tool development, testing and integration, operations, cyber defense programs and services, policy and process enable defensive security for mission-focused networks.

In addition to our technical expertise we also have a deep understanding of the Executive Order  and recently released Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity to guide our clients in ensuring they are taking the appropriate measures to be in line with the recommendations of the Federal Government.
Mischel Kwon and Associates LLC (MKA) is a minority, women-owned small business.

Mischel Kwon, former Director of US-CERT, and former Deputy CISO, former Director of the JSOC, and former Chief IT Security Technologist at USDOJ brings a very balanced approach to cybersecurity issues, whether technical, defensive, or compliance related. Ms. Kwon’s experience at DHS and DOJ give her the in depth knowledge of the current threat and attack landscape as well as how this affects all sector cyber space.

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Technical, Operational, Defensive, Compliance, Cyber Security Consulting Services